Bihar Bijli Smart Meter Customer Care

Gone are the days of navigating through different departments or waiting on hold for hours! Bihar Bijli smart meters have brought convenience and efficiency to managing your electricity consumption. But what if you have questions, need assistance, or encounter a problem? Fear not, this blog post is your handy guide to all things Bihar Bijli Smart Meter Customer Care!

Your Lifeline: 1912

Remember this number like your own: 1912. It’s the toll-free customer care number for Bihar Bijli smart meters. Whether you have a billing query, need technical support, or simply want to understand your meter readings better, this number connects you to the dedicated care team.

Beyond the Phone Call:

While 1912 is your go-to option, here are additional ways to reach Bihar Bijli Smart Meter Customer Care:

  • Bihar Bijli Smart Meter App: Download the app (available on Android and iOS) and access the “Contact Us” section to submit your query directly.
  • Website: Visit and click on “Contact Us” to send an email or explore FAQs.
  • Email: For specific inquiries, send your email to [email protected].

Making the Most of Your Contact:

To ensure a smooth resolution, be prepared with the following information when contacting customer care:

  • Your consumer number: This unique identifier is crucial for identifying your account.
  • Details of your issue: Clearly explain your problem or question.
  • Any error codes: If applicable, note any error codes displayed on your meter.
  • Contact information: Ensure the representative has accurate phone and email details to reach you.

Proactive Power:

Remember, customer care is there to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any doubts or concerns. Additionally, explore the Bihar Bijli website and app for resources like FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and bill payment options. By being informed and proactive, you can enjoy the benefits of your smart meter to the fullest.

Bonus Tip: Bookmark this blog post for quick access to all the essential information!

With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to navigate Bihar Bijli smart meter customer care with ease. Remember, empowered consumers are happy consumers, so use these resources to manage your electricity efficiently and enjoy uninterrupted power!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single dedicated customer care number for all smart meters of BIHAR STATE as different electricity providers use different models and systems. To get the most relevant support, you need to identify your specific provider. Here’s how:

1. Check your bill or meter: Look for the name of your electricity provider on your latest bill or directly on your smart meter.
2. Visit your provider’s website: Most providers have dedicated sections for smart meters on their websites. There, you should find customer care contact information specific to your smart meter model and service.
3. Search online: You can also search online using the name of your provider and “smart meter customer care” to find the relevant contact information.

Here are some examples of customer care numbers for specific providers:

  • North Bihar Power Distribution Company Ltd (NBPDCL): 1912 (Toll-free), 0612-2504745 (Helpline)

Remember, these are just examples, and the actual number for your provider might be different. Always double-check with your specific provider to ensure you’re contacting the correct customer care team.

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